Steven M. Rangel | Owner | USA Legal Research

Steven RangelA talented business professional and entrepreneur, Steven M. Rangel is the owner of two newly formed companies, USA Legal Research and U.S. Government Writing, in Baytown, Texas, since 2019. Offering freelance and writing reviews in the areas of policies, processes and procedures, he also provides style manuals, plain language methodology and infographics to clients. Fortunate to be able to blend his former years of expertise in information technology (IT) with his education in the law and government, Mr. Rangel thoroughly enjoys his work. In addition to his commitments as a business owner, he has been the director of operations of Island Day Care LLC in Baytown since 2014.

An alumnus of Southern New Hampshire University, Mr. Rangel received a Bachelor of Arts in public administration with a minor in justice studies, summa cum laude, in 2015. He also studied law for two years at Taft University, and took courses in the master’s degree program in public policy and the law at American Public University, where he has undertaken master’s courses in the legal studies program. Additionally, Mr. Rangel has participated in numerous educational seminars and other types of professional training, where he has focused his studies in such areas as bankruptcy and legal research.

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